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insecure people annoy me
2003-06-25, 7:10 p.m.

soon enough right? the guilt trip well if you dont want to i dont want to either, party pooper always works.

but this entry is not about drugs its about INSECURITY

and this entry isent amusing, its actually very sad, so id stop reading now, but i want to get this out... so if your bored feal free to keep reading.

now i didnt want to give this a public venue because you dont reward crys for attention with attenition.

but it has come to my attention that people have been visiting my diary via livejournal user blackthorn45 .

and it bothered me so i feal the need to speak.

the problem with insecurity is that its a vicous cycle. you freak then you push away then you freak cuz people wont tolerate bullshit.

a few entries ago i gave a guide to happiness which you know a formely depressed friend figers out life you should be happy. or you can freak out

as given by livejournal user blackthorn45 on entry as of thursday june 5th. if you are interested to scroll.

my point being that asuming personal refernace from a general statement than exploding is not only a sign of insecurity but the first step to said viscious cycle.

scroll a little more and you will see manifestos to me. quite impressif considering i did little more than point out the truth.

anyways this is boring, almost as boring as the entries on rats and mice you half to sort through if you actually bothered reading to find said manifestos

my favourite part is over on may 28th and the fact its on the internet and sent to all my email adereses. wronged me terribly by pointing out its funny when grown men throw tantrums

and once again i cant do anything but laugh. considering this person freaked out because i dont like her boyfriend. bacically.

dont you hate people that turn your own drama into theres?

ya i do too.

sorry for this boring entry, maybe ill by some mice or write manifestos.

or maybe try to prove how worthy i am by debasing someone else.


the sad part being she would love the beach i work at now but shes too angry at the world and too busy blaming everyone else for her own insecurities and selfinflicted misery. blatenly obvious

sad sad sad

ps. my tan is coming along great

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