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so im in the woods
2005-10-14, 10:46 a.m.

paid vacation err i mean job has begun. its sweet living out in the wilderness. one week working one week complettly free to do whatever i want!

wair we camp is amazing its called entrada. its these huge red rock mountains and its absolutely breath taking.

i had an adolescent girls therapy group this whole past week. i couldnt take it after a few days. entitled is an understatement. and i got real sick of their urban slang really quick (you are not ghetto if you live down the street from pop-stars) and had a hip hop battle needless to say i dont even rap but i schooled em.

the best bonus is i get two three week paid vacations a year- real paid vacations- as in i can go to mongolia and still get paid

not only is my job super easy primitive living in the woods, when i come back to civilization i live in a super awesome rich people neighboorhood. im talking sky lights one of those flat stoves that wipe off canyon views huge walk in closets all for the low low low price of 300 a month- soon to be 150 a month.

and not to mention it was 68 degrees at 10:30 this morning.

wow im loving it and loving life.

seems like some fun camp times ahead!

peace out

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