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justin nailpolish from philly and kelly rule
2003-04-07, 10:42 a.m.

weekend entry a.

well shit its actually like a week entry. so my friends kelly and justin nailpolish from philly came to visit me and we went to this mexican resturaunt. I dont know why but we seam to attract attention. anyways justin ordered a bean burrito the size of a footbal. no bigger. and hes one of those damn skinny damn tall kids. I got a something mexican i dont remember meal but all i got threw was the apitizer of chips and dip. then a bit of chilli then two bites of my meal. the waitress called me a pussy.

then this waiter came up to justin and started blabering on about dying his hair red. we were like wtf. then the guy came back and blabered some more.

oh and i got to see justin and kelly twice. it ruled. they are so cool im suprised ann arbor dident implode. we also went boot shopping so that ruled. sometiems i wonder if kelly likes me though and i hope she does cuz she is super cool but she doesnt say much which leads me to believe a. she doesnt say much or b. she harbors some deep not like of me or perhaps even against the world at large so watch out world beacuase kellys got so much cool you mite implode! anyways

then we went and saw dope and that ruled. but that is a whole diferent entry.

five days later kellys jacket still smells like smoke

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