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is jesus undead?
2004-03-26, 1:42 p.m.

its weird how zombies are now liek the in thing. zombies rule. did you know jesus is a zombie.

no seriously by definition.

the other day, i was at work, singing to make time you know not drag by so much.

"when there is no more room in hell, and the dead will walk the earth, and the living wont have a prayer cuz its the dawn of the dead"

this bible chic is like you know you are obsesed with dead people, its not healthy.

it occured to me , and i voiced my opinion. NOOO, you are obsesed with a dead person.

and this chic got very upset and informed me that jesus is not dead, he rose again.

to which logic follows,

"oh, so what your saying is jesus, is a zombie"


"yes by definition, zombies are undead. therefore jesus who died and came back is aa zombie"

in your face, jebus.

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