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postapocalyptic joyriding
2002-01-27, 12:42 a.m.

while driving to 'tha d' today i remembered a paranoid fantasy i once had right after the whole wtc shit went down. you see detroit and every highway that leads into it is a mess of concrete and misdirection with the chance for dangerous collision abound everywhere. Its very beautiful in that its empty and industrial and lonely.

so there was this storm acoming and i was sitting in my friends apartment downtown and it occurs to me that its not a storm but probably the end of the world because the news is telling everyone not to use their phones and board up their windows etc and the only reason that i can come up with is that its really an air raid and they dont want people spreading the word and inducing widespread panic.

then it occurs to me i need to decide what i want to do in the apocalypse.

i was actually kind of excited because i decided that i would haul on up to birmingham and hook myself up with a fast car, like a lamburgini or porsche and go zipping around detroit and make it into some roadwarrior type of joy ride.

i think thats the happiest thought i have ever entertained

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