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keys are the problem in my life
2002-03-01, 8:28 p.m.

for some reason i can never hold onto my keys. since the summer ive gone through five or six sets , which wouldnt be as disturbing if they hadnt run out of barbarella keychains. for a while i thought the reason my keys were always getting lost was a divine principle of karma because the keychains were always stolen.

so the keys i lost last summer suddenly appeared and i re-assimilated them into my life.

so happy that i had new-old keys i forgot that they werent exactly the same as the ones ive been carrying this week.

so i got to my friends apartment building and i walk in as a girl walks out and she stops me and asks if i live here.

well i dont and i didnt want to explain. but she demanded an explanation. so i gave her one, the truth, which was that i was going to my friends house because im using his computer for a project and the key is right here in my.....

yeah it wasnt. it was right there on the hook at home.

yeah keys

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