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forgot the interview
2001-10-14, 2:34 p.m.

i spent a greater part of procrastinating calculus homework typing up this interview that people have been asking for but unfortunatley i forgot the disk somewhere between home and the computer lab.

so instead i will give you my commentary about the recent american crisis. i think its a real shame that americans cant appreciate the irony of a time like this. Not only does cnn come up with witty little phrase to capture the spirit of each day ("america under attack" "america united" "america strikes back" and more) and the fashion colours of fall have changed from deep greens and browns to red white and blue but everyone seems to miss the overall dominance of american pride. Even in times of crisis we americans can figure out how to sell something to ourselves. comemerative pins, comemerative snow hats, car banners, most wanted tshirts, the world trade center holographic coin ( and i am really hoping that it will have the before and after depictions because come one were americans even the god we trust in's bible's strongest theme is violence). It doesnt even matter how many innocent civillians died. because the number is simply entered into a formula that provides us with a margin of death we must limit ourselves to while playing big dick games with the rest of the world.

no wonder johnny depp moved to a farm in france

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