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ethics and being a loose canon
2004-06-28, 2:33 p.m.

strolling around the mall (forced chafuer) it really occured to me, wow im a loose cannon. but thats not nessisarily a bad thing.

reflecting on my law and order enlightment i conclude now that im very content living my life of concert photography and antighostleaguing

horrible people can get away with horendous crimes.*

case study: person A molests person B's pre-pubescent cousin. person A gets off because of some evidence contamination and police errors even so admits infact brags a bit about his pedaphilia.

person B flips his shit (rightly so) and cracks person A in the skull.

which person is the bad person? person A or person B?

person A ofcourse the childmolesting scum! but not ocording to society which is rather fuct up indeed.

person B got out of prison and society deems the ex con the bad person.

having met up with person b at his celebratory bbq, id say he is dealing with everything pretty well, the best you can after having visited jackson penitentary.

having proclaimed himself a vigalanti of sorts out to get even with anyone hes heard to have upheld their implicit duty to be human brings me to my asterik--

* the innocent found guilty can exact frightful revenge

in anycase the more i check out what "regular" people are doing the more i understand why they are on the highway to hell as depressed either obese or anorexic consumers.

ps. i fell asleep at "work" today but i dont think anyone noticed

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