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bob loves bush
2004-11-07, 3:58 p.m.


last night i bumped into bob kid rock and i found out that he loves bush, and not only pamelas but george.

it was a birthday party for his boy paradime and whom i was really looking forward to calling par-a-dig-em but freddy isnt the dumb hick he claims to be and with some foresight, didnt use a traditional spelling of the word, or maybe he just cant spell.

either way, the point is some kung fu mo-fo's i know were backing up the show and i got to see mr. rock in a whole new light. to quote one of the boys "its a shame. Bob isnt like a bad person hes just dim, so buys into the whole thing and he walks around going american bad-ass! this guys going to save us. rock on!" i wish i had a video because nothing is funnier than impressions of white people.

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