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in love still after all this
2005-01-02, 5:01 p.m.

maybe its true what they say, that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

after three years and the airforce i thaut it would be dead. i thaut he was a dream. i thaut it wouldnt work.

i dont know what to expect, i cant even be poetic or write more than simple words.

im still in love. even through the re-programing, the war, its still inside and i am still sorta amazed.

i mean i should have know right, its not often that you meet live in the flesh what you fantaizes about:

a 6 foot 5 hairless genious. with more tattoos than when we last parted.

the only downer being that he hates monkeys and im wondering gee how is he going to feel when i get my new tattoo.

its either the monkey or the phoenix

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