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hot boy at the machineshop
2003-02-08, 4:57 p.m.

last night was pretty successful.

i took the kid i mentorto a secret mushroomhead show which ruled because it was small, cool, i met the owner who said to call him anytime i want to take pictures, and i met a hot guy with sideburns. oh so hot.

and check out my sly pick up line. his earing apperaed to be faling out of his ear so i tapped him and was like twist you earing back in. it turns out he had an o-ring on it. but he came back up to me later and complimented my dreads. and wahla he has my number i have his and a guarentee that he will call because i have his armband thing. did i mention he is way hot and has sideburns?

by the way the machine shop is undoubtably the best small venue in the midwest.

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