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me a hero, why i never.....
2003-05-19, 1:01 p.m.

my mailman is so cool.

so my housemates while very cool arent down but they are still cool. infact yesterday evening veronica told me i was her hero.

so i half to party outside, just out of respect. so who comes along but my mailman ozzy. seriously his name was ozzy since he was born. he also told me im one of the coolest white people he knows. ozzy told me hes down.

ozzy also told me that he likes to party. you know because you have to enjoy life now or else when are you going to enjoy it?

exactly. no time like the present.

he also told me he had a package for me. the package i have been eagarly awaiting.


see if you are going to fuck with people then there are two things you should know.

1. while physical pain will hurt for a few days or weeks, psychological disterbanses will take months maybe years to heal.

2. better your anger get taken out on a person that deserves it rather than an innocent bystandard.

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