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god bless memorial day weekend
2003-05-27, 4:47 a.m.

what a crazy weekend!

This weekend i was in detroit covering the DEMF (detroit electronic music festival).

okay id like to start out my weekend update by pointing out one major factor: while water was 3 dollars the bacardi and red bull was free of charge.

what do i remember of the three days? well shit. good question. in fragments: eatern market, partying, dancing, partying, dancing, laying in the backseat of a car in detroit wasted, walking around lost in the middle of the night in detroit with ma cool friend thom,partying, lying (dying)in the hallway imobile due to said wastedness(well shit drink and etc all day from 1pm with no food hence imobile but much much much worse) and some crazy shit that involves hardcoremutherfuckers i have no idea how i got involved with. but they are the cool kind of hardcoremutherfuckers, like pulp fiction down m*f*s.

and i met quite the hottie.

oh and ravers are so funny entertaining useless people. never trust a carne and never trust a raver. or people with beards. i thought they were extinct but alas no.

what did i get out of memorial day, besides trashed for free? well i came to the 2 conclusions:

now up until recently i thought maybe i was causing the crazy drama in my life and yo i shall chill out cut unwanted drama any drama sucks. but no. confidentally in my weekend chill out tiem i can say no no the drama is not of my own doing for the most part. im just a magnet. so that leads me to do this

run. fucking run. im at peace with myself... now i need the quiet and although ecuador would be ideal... right now the cards are set for thailand. shit i cant complain. great food, beautiful beaches, and amreen!

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