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day time minutes
2002-03-16, 3:48 p.m.

my answering machine message is as follows "you have reached *** *** ****. if you want to be called back press 2. if you have something DIFFERENT or interesting to say press 1."

now why do people insist on leaving messages that say its me call me back instead of pressing 2?

daytime minutes people. DAY TIME MINUTES

so Liberty Street Video keeps calling me during the day to inform me that i have their movies. I know i have their movies and its not on purpose either.

So i politely called them and informed them

"Look i know i have your movies okay. And im just a pissed as you that they are late but since you insist on using my day time minutes to inform me of this fact i am holding your videos hostage until im done throwing my tantrum. if you feel oblidged to call me and remind me of the said videos presence in my house, please do so after 8pm or on the weekends."

10am on a tuesday i get the following "Your videos are now 23 days late. We are taking you to court. "

may i point out that this mesage was left neither after 8pm or on the weekend.

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