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money = happiness?
2004-11-17, 12:15 a.m.

today i had the "privilidge" of seeing my sister. shes a lawyer and fights for the man. she aspires to drive a big gas guzzling car.

she takes a pill to wake up and takes a pill to go to sleep. she spends 1000 dollars on clothes a month.

so today, lucky me, she despensed some advice. that is she told me that i would be happy if i got a "real" job (like you know a ceo or a doctor ).

and as she left the room, i said to myself- why didnt anyone let me know earlier that money will make me happy.

i guess i should rewind to a year and a half ago when i was miserable from not appreciating everything i do have. because obviosuly, making less than 2000 a week there is no way i could be mildly content. less sublimly happy (minus the horrible awareness of the depravity of being human)

then as if giving me the key to salvation wasnt enough, she returned to let me know how hard her life is ( you know because she only earns 2000 a week) and that she was considering taking anxeity pills to balance it all out. (maybe till she gets that raise and can be happy)

many thanks and now you know the secret too! may you make lots of dough and be extatic

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