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monster cake
2001-10-04, 6:25 a.m.

so how confused am i?

it could have something to do with the sleep deprivation experiment.

thats my bet.

so things that happened on tuesday:

stole a cake for my friends 21st birthday and ofcourse some other stuff. but it was such a good choice because the cake had rainbow sprinkles baked into the cake part. and it had a monster face.

had a crackhead explain lifes simple lessons and i think i was the only one listening. it kind of weirds me out that im on a vibe with a crackhead

and i forgot the rest. and i was sober the whole night.

one thing i dont understand is how humans classify relationships. this persons a friend this persons a girlfriend. if a happens then b and c. if not then we take this route. its so confusing that they try to force nature. or energy for that matter.

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