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the machine shop rules, fucking rules!
2004-03-21, 9:01 p.m.

that pirate was at the awesomeoest bash this year. the machine shop 2 year aniversary .

it was a most killer nite. drank pbr and played pool.

so i saw pirate and i was like hey pirate and he had a little name patch on that said pirate and i was like, hmm. thats cool.

so we played pool and that was cool and i danced so that was cool

but what is so cool is that pirate in fact is all into pirates and it wasnt just me being a sterotyping corn husker, and whats cooler is his band got up and played some ironmaiden. dude i didnt even know this kid was like that good, in fact he doesnt seem like hes in a band.

so i made a little sign that said "running free" but he didnt see it so they didnt play it

anyways to recap, the night ruled, way wasted, pirate has a trans am tattoo...

now im back at work!

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