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mullets n peaches
2001-06-21, 7:10 p.m.

so the last few days have been rather exciting.

first. i found the best shoes the only pair left was my size and they were on sale

second. i have a crush. and i think that crush has a mutual crush which is fantastic in my opinion.

although that last fact could cause a great dip in the content scale. the potential for reality is not very good on the outlook. the potential for disaster might be more dominating.

third. my friends boyfriend has a mullet. actually its even better. last night we went to the city. and had an adventure and found a coney island with bullet proof glass. and got complettly lost.

oh and bj decided to wear fresh fruit as a coursage.

in anycase the night ruled. and my friends boyfriend has a mullet.

did i mention he works at a party store.

four: im done with math from hell.

five: someone i know has had sex with human with one arm.

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