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im not the naked people in that
2004-01-27, 2:41 p.m.

as smooth as i can be and as easily i can hook other people up i have a tremendous problem talking to people i like, or at the very least want to you know fuck the shit out of.

so i made a resolution to just go out and do it more often. talk to hot guys, not fuck the shit out of people.


so after smoothly bartering bevrages with the hot sidburned counter help i said yo, you go to shows?

shows, what kind of shows film shows art shows?

and the very show he metions turns out to bet a very show im in

which is totally cool cept he seemed kinda taken back when i informed him my "body parts" would be in it. i meant my foot, cuz thats the part thats in it.

i dident mean that i was one of the other staring naked body parts.

im not sure maybe he will just asume im not one of the naked ones, or perhaps he apreciates nudity.

or maybe hell just be like damn thats the weird girl who told me to go see naked pictures of herself.

my foot dude it was my foot!

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