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wasted so wasted
2003-04-27, 3:42 p.m.

so wasted last night so very wasted. i went to some fancy pants resturaunt and had this specially made for me beach margarita. and some buisness guy started talking about how he thought it was so hardcore that i wore a rage against the machine shirt. so hah i am hardcore now.

im so happy phen moved here. we are creating massive artistic things and delving into deep philisophical conversations about what it is to be human.

its really quite exhausting.

So four the last five months i have been a little psycho but with just cause. emotional is a better word. i was handed a ridiculous amount of pain and i dealt with it the best i could. I was human through all of it and thats the only important part. The werid thing is my final breakdown made phen have a breakdown and we both found out who are friends are.

the sad part is i still find myself trying to fix dead paths and i keep trying to plant a seed hoping something will grow. maybe people will wake the fuck up and start not being so selfabsorbed. but as lisa learned in teh simpsons, suffering is caused by desire, wordly desire.

maybe im a buddist now. happiness is freedom from need.

no more unrest for me.

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