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carcrashes and car trips
2003-03-04, 8:00 p.m.

so in the last week i was horribly depresed, resuced my genius friend from lynchburg virginia (jerry fawels town, you know the reverand that thought the teletubbies were gay). the last time Phen tried to leave his shithole town he drove his car into a telephone pole at 95 miles an hour. he survived with a small broken bone in his foot.

so now hes just trying to leave like a normal person.

anyways let me think. oh how could i forget. i got a pair of new rock boots. how can i justify spending 300-400 dollars on a pair of boots. i dident

Justin Nailpolish took me to philly and we found them on sale for 139. so now i dont just rock, i new rock.

um then i got trashed in washington dc

then on the drive home i a wreck. the suv fliped over and was impaled at a 45 degree angle into the grownd. the pasengers were squished. how do i know that? well the blood and guts and handbag were squeezed out.

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