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nice life
2003-03-25, 3:37 p.m.

i feal great today. like in office space when everything ceases to be a problem. or in fight club writing hakuis.

plus its sunny and bright outside.

additionally ethiopian food makes life worth living

the more i think about it i dont hate anyone. people make me laugh

as much as my friend jeremiah wronged me he taught me valuable lessons.

1. be careful what you say to people, especially in emotional situations. they will twist your words and use it against you. (what he dosent realize is people do this becausae they cant accept a given situyation for any reason. i have been guilty of not accepting situations)

2. people do wrong bad things to save themselves. i always tried to believe the best in people. but apparetnly that isnt a good idea

3. remove yourself from a bad situation immediately. (this one is tricky becasue sometimes there are extrodianry circumstances but generally it holds true)

You always have a choice on how you deal with something. you can be pist think how much your life sucks or be thankful and think how much you are learning. you can chooseto feal pain or you can choose to laugh at it.

its a funny realization that you walk alone. or at least i do. becasue being alone is what humans fear. but being alone isent that scary i mean you always got yourself.

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