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tittie bar that went ary
2005-06-12, 2:15 a.m.

my life is so strange.

im really tan though cuz i spend everyday at the beach.

people need to learn how to communicate. what is up with adults refusing to communicate. sorry im too busy organizing my shoelace collection.

anyways i just found out that my friend who does kung fu with me works at some classy ass strip joint like rockstar type calibar national brand name shieet.

shes a massage therapist and she says that retards ask her for a happy ending. and then the bouncers come in.

the funny part is the other day she massaged obie trice cept she didnt know which one of the posse was him. i wouldnt know either. but that means i get VIP at the strip joint from now on.

hurrah for me

must sleep long day at the beach than at work.

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