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onesidezero interview
2001-10-14, 2:55 p.m.

okay so i didnt forget the disk. i forgot that i put it in the drive as soon as i sat down. anyways. I have had a few requests for the interview tapes with onesidezero. i was trying to forget about it because the editors at the daily totally butchered my article making me look like the mildly retarded one. It is something they always do, butcher my articles, and i donít know why. Probably because I usually write intoxicated, its more fun that way, but i suspect its more of a personal vendetta of this one girl. im not sure of her name but she truly doesnít like me for absolutely no reason seeing as i never had much of any conversation with her beyond how i can like Hanson and Marilyn Manson and besides those two bands being individually controversial or whatever, the Ďexplosive combinationí simply cannot justify her attitude. Anyways I took a look at the original draft and the Daily editors get a nice ďhuevonĒ next to their name on my shit list. Without further adue:

(oh yeah I totally messed up the beginning and my questions are lame and yeah this is the most ďunprofessionalĒ interview ive ever done)

me: How would you guys classify yourself?

levon: Classic rock.

rob: No.

jasan: I got stickered with our own sticker.

levon: were classic hard rock.

me: classic hard rock. Okay. Whats your definition of rock.

levon: we come from all those schools of music anywhere from miles davis to pink floyd to punk rock. We select music that we feel. We write stuff that we feel.

jasan: melodic hard rock. We focus on melody but we have that heavy edge.

levon: that question kind of always throws me off is it like a category or a few words to describe us.

me: its just i donít know. i just write it all down.

jasan: brett calls it emo.

brett: people always tell us we sound like an emo band but I donít think were really an emo band. I think were a little heavier than your every day emo band.

me: What do you think your theme or philosophy behind the band or motivations etc.

levon- just positive energy itself all the ups and downs with it. Waking up and facing it. Keeping it real.

me: live shows versus like album which do you like better. Any attributes stage attributes and stuff that makes you unique.

jasan- itís a different world I mean the albums the album. Like he said we try to keep it real. I donít know if there are any attributes to what we do or anything.

(silly joking around that my head hurts to much to go back and type)

jasan- when it gets down to it we love having fun with the kids. These guys are inhibited by the fact they play guitar and cant spend a lot of time in the crowd like I do. A big part of this band is spending time with our fans and being involved with our fans and the people that are there to see the show. I mean they are paying to see the show and they are there to have a good time and its like were music fans we want to have a good time too. I wish they could all go out there too. You know they ripped my pants. I had to change my pants. They ripped my pocket off.

me- thatís a complement though that means they liked you.

jasan- yeah it was pretty dope. I had no qualms about it. I almost lost my in ear monitors but this one guy found them so our tour manager pulled him back and we chilled with him.

me- uh. i donít want to use the word goals but for the lack of a better word long term goals. Or motivation center of focus.

rob- donít die because weve already gotten everything we you know we gotten more than we set out to get. I mean our goal is to make another record and keep doing what were doing . its all amazing. Weve passed everything. You donít get signed you donít get to tour and if you do get tour support you donít get an amazing tour bus great bands to play with. If we asked for anything else wed be pompus pricks.

jasan- its true. Weve achieved the little goal we had we achieved majority of it everything else pretty much after this

me- good tour moment?

jasan- everyday is a new moment every show is a new moment every city.

rob- actually in Detroit the last time we were here. We accidentally ended up on the bill with all these bands we like. Taproot pressure 45 who I like, it was just awesome that jay went out to the bus to give them props to tell them how much we like them and they had our record.

jasan- yeah the kid had downloaded our record off the internet and made his own cover art for it and gave it to taproot. I mean there are a lot of highlights we have been given and opportunity and we are doing things that I never thought we would do. Kinda how it is.

me- bad moments

jasan- there will be shows where everything goes wrong and you just got to keep going. Punk rock style. Things arenít working you keep playing your crew hooks it up they keep your stuff going and you just keep playing. You keep going this is what you do you love doing what you do.

rob- i remember one bad moment but its funny though. Having all kinds of momentum at the show and being all excited and we go for a song and somebody starts with out us. And we all have been guilty of that one time or another. Its just a time when you go fuck. And in slow motion noooo.

jasan- or someones clean not working please please please. Were at a show and we do a song called point in time and our live version is different than our album version and when we start I do it right and by myself like its heavy then all of a sudden it stops and its just a clean guitar and uh for what ever reason I didnít check that channel before I went up and during sound check and the funniest thing to this day leave it the same way because im saying on the mic all please please just work and it did not work and were at home and its packed and its ridiculous. I guess thatís part of it

rob- its just the bad moments after a couple of weeks turn into funny, ammunition to make fun of people.

me- what do you draw inspiration from, its different than influences.


jasan- life. Yeah I mean experiencing everyday is a new thing every city everything. Its new.

rob- a few minutes ago me and levon sat here and got chills just thinking about the lyrics in a floyd song and that kind of thing. That kind of stuff makes music amazing to be involved with because thatís what music does to people and its because of that not because hes some great poet. Just because everyones felt.

levon- he just says it as real as its possible (fades out)

rob- when music gives you those chills and stuff thatís what gives you the inspiration

jasan- I mean your all touched everyones touched in certain ways you listen to stuff and go. I mean jeff buckley does it to me its like jeff buckley came on mtv2 and ive never seen this video before I couldnít believe it you know.

me- you get mtv2 unfair we donít get it.

jasan-out here? Do you get mtvx

me- no we donít get anything

jasan- yeah mtvx its all hard rock.

me- no we get like the womens channel.

jasan- mtvx is dope because they play everything to iron maiden and twisted sister they play rock anything rock

(me and levon go on some random tangent about channel 33 japanese giant seven minute videos and stealing cable. Not that either of us condone stealing cable or something and jasan and john go on some random tangent concluding with david carusso )

me- im trying to think of something really intelligent and i donít want to give you the usual run down were suppost to ask like what do you eat for breakfast or something but im like I donít ask those kinds of questions thatll make me sound like a lamo. Lets just talk about the album.

levon-he wants to talk about your spike bracelet.

jasan- I do. The pink bracelet is kind of trippy.

(then we talk about secret pockets and stuff)

me- we can talk about the album

jasan- the album what do you want to know

me- uh whats your favourite song no what would you want people to get from listening to the album.

jasan- I personally hope that they enjoy it we feel like its 12 days in someones life and whether they hate it or not at least they get some kind of emotion or feeling off of it. You know.

rob- I hope just like it or not like it I hope it makes people think there arenít enough thinkers lately. Its not like a cd or a record I think we actually made an album like they used to make with a start and an end. Not with filler in the middle.

jasan- good point rob. I agree.

me- do you think music heals-

then ofcourse three different conversations happen. About wish you were hear by incubus and other stuff and soul again headache factor inhibiting my ability to type this part

rob- music brings people out of comas. You bring in their favourite band.

levon- music is universal language or communication.

me- yeah theres like music is before englsih. Numbers music diction.

christian- music is such a pure emotion it can either hurt or heal. I used to listen to final cut from pink floyd and I got depressed.

okay my head really hurts. no more typing. sorry.

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