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getting ma picture taken
2003-12-17, 4:27 p.m.

ive concluded that im pretty weird looking, and that lately i must have gotten even weirder looking.

i say this because more and more people are asking me to be part of their visual mediums.

this kid adam that works in my building is an artist in disguise. by work he wairs a blue polo shirt, by off time he always dresses in these neat 70s leasuer suits.

so anyways he told me that the photographs i was subject to are in a gallery show. pretty cool.

or soemthing.

so if you are near ypsilanti michigan you should go to the gallery show im in. at Dreamland theater. 44. e cross st. on january 11th - 31st

more than likely youll get to see adam exhibiting his leisure suit, which in my opinion is the best part

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