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im warning you dont push me off my bike
2003-12-02, 11:22 p.m.

you learn something new about yourself every day.

there is only so much bullshit a person can take until they reach the breaking point.

then when you crack you have two choices: take your anger out on yourself or take your anger out on those who deserve it. (like child molesters and murderers and rapists)

a vigalanti if you will.

well enough is enough and this weekend i learned i have a very interesting fighting style.

its a scream run jump on top of them, utilize a headlock and keep punching them in the face.

at this point i can only give you advice, in case you get as fed up as i am:

Make sure you get as many punches in as possible especially if your aponient has murdered someone, that means that they can kill you with out regret as well. (you may think im joking, im not. bullshit i tell you bullshit)

then start kicking and screaming and get them on the ground. screaming things like look at the monster youve made me into always helps to instill fear.

when they shake you off dont run. it will only fuel them and make things worse when they do catch you.

now it was fucking idiotic to fight this kid. but someone had to do it. you cant just push people off their bikes. and you certainly cant have someone just walking around threatning people, killing people, fucking people and have every mother fucker they meat turn the other cheek and walk away like nothing is happening because no one wants to get punched for the betterment of humanity.

good thing i was wearing a helmet.

getting choked on the hood of a car i realized fuck this dude is fucking crazy. and traffic stopped and honked but no one got out of their car. they just stopped and watched.

when you think death is a very likely outcome you will be suprised what adreanaline can do.

grabing the apponinte by the throat and looking them directly in the eyees and screaming is their a human being in their is their someone who cares. i know there is a good human in there.

at this point i recomend confusing the enemy. unpredictable behaviour is the best. i recomend letting go and saying take your punch because i am the one person who is not going to get out of your way. so fucking stab me or knock my teeth out. take your best shot.

and as you stand there wide eyed and wait for them to deliver impending doom for being the crazy fuck who was left to stand their ground look them in their eyes.

they might just look at you in amazement and say youre fucking crazy. then walk away and not leave a scratch on you.

i wouldnt make a habit of this behaviour but no one pushes me off my bike.

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