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reality check
2002-11-30, 8:14 p.m.

dearest diary,

sometiems i do get serius here at diaryland. today is one of them.

that humanity is a flaw. like how happiness is intself a contradiction. (eg in total happiness you are not aware you are happy, it is only by comarrison. we can only know happiness during depression.)

so in conclusion i will say that i think the other tragic thing is that humans have animal instincts. sex. and unfortunatlye we have these things called feelings.

reason tells you know, instinct tells you yes.

my conclusion, since life itself makes no sense, live for waht makes you happy.

and those who read this as an opporunity to go ballistic and kill people... email me for my real adress.

not that i want to die so much as if i can influence someone that easy i think i should be knocked off before i accidentally cause some real trouble

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