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always some down news on a good day
2004-09-16, 9:49 a.m.


last night, a little more than half way into atlas shrugged i suddenly remembered what i used to feel before some bullshit started at the end of the summer 2 years ago.

i wouldnt say its brought me full circle because that would mean maybe that i was back at the begining. i would say that its brought resolution becuase now i have the hunger for success and lost all the pain that had been crippling me.

i have a new agenda of efficency. today would have been the best day of my life, except for the fact that when i opened up my mail i got an unexpected surprise.

one of my best friends is prolly going to end up back in jackson, prison that is. and that sucks. whats worse is its for some bullshit.

thats what the man does its starts of with probation and then you get a bench warrent for some parking tickets and then when you get arrested you violating probation which means a few weeks in county if you got some loot and a few years in jackson if you dont.

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