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running into people
2009-01-16, 9:31 a.m.

I have an incredible ability to run into people i know. I ran into friend from highschool at a loft party in e. market. and i ran into the guy who picked me up in slc and gave me a ride to rei to get to work at new years eve (at the trap door).

So I went to turn in a resume- and ran into someone i knew like 9 years ago when i lived in ann arbor.... small world! and I also saw my favourite professor in the world ! mr. Ralph Williams.

I also have ran into a few celebrities randomly now that i think back on it... incubus guy, ted nugent, marilyn manson, that guy from everclear, mos def and talib kweli, buckshot, dead prez, sum 41, scott weiland from stp, and some person i went to middle school with was on tv reporting about the war in Iraq!

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