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still drunk?
2004-02-01, 2:59 p.m.

holy shit. i think im still drunk.

Yesterday was a huge day. i got put in a car around 3pm and dident return to slumber until about 6am.

at 3.

i had a job interview with MTV. i told them their videos suct. but in a postive way, like for exampl I could help them make it better.

They had weird questions on the application like are you involved in a civil case with anyone. please explain.


have you ever been hospitalized.

but yo, i went at least. and you cant fail if you try.


then i had a puppet show to go to. which threw a turn of events and some snobbery next i ended up at the arbor ypsi bowling ally

okay this bowling ally has this vegas type sign. i never go there to bowl. last nite i ended up plaing darts.

then off to donnie darko at the theater expect someone fuct up the first real so it played upside down and everyone spoke backwards. it was prety cool.

considering id been fuct up all day it was very cool.

still being abducted from home on such a freezing cold day i ended up drinking fine wine and playing a few good hours of balderdash.

still drunk from so much earlier in the day

i made my further in my nite adventure but it gets hazy and i know i got home at 6am.

and obviously now sincethis entry has been totally unitersting its because in all likkely hood im still drunk. im goign to continue on my daily duties.

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