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secret crush in denial
2004-11-01, 10:40 p.m.


secret self denial crushes suck.
because its like do i like this person, but i shouldnt like this person becuase it will never work and what if they dont like me.
then again im awesome and they should like me.

but what if i admit to myslef i have a crush on them and it makes matters worse. let me tell you nothing is worse than a secret crush in denial.

well maybe being intimately intimidated by your secret crush in denial. its like should i like them because i dont really want them in a normal physical sense well because im intimidated and then its like what is this weird feeling is it loneliness and filling a hole or is it the exact oposite of that and the fear of understanding and comfort because life has always been upside down.

but never the less. secret crushes in denial make me do crazy girl things like get pist off for no reason and its really confusing and i dont know what to make of it.

because then your like wow why am i pist off or why am i not talking to this person and then you realize holy fuck its a secret crush in denial.

then you realize fuck, well this sucks because theres no way out now.

so then you sit down one day and think this is what sucks about being a girl- secret crush in denial

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