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scientfic experiment #1
2002-10-05, 3:08 p.m.

experiment one: sexual stimulous

So myfriends band came through and played the other night. being a rock journalist affords certian opportunities that i otherwise wouldnt have. so does being a hot girl with dreads.

after a good show i ended up taking a shower wiht their tour manager. after making him promise to not trick me into having sex with him. which i didnt because im a journalist not a groupie.

i t was a very strange experience since their was no physical interaction.

he was rather polite and didnt make any attempt to touch me.

and i actually even used soap.

result: this is waht i learned. i learned that despite the fact that i dont liek boys but drugs, i think i liek eroticism.

its very sad to be human, i realize that happiness is fleeting.

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