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false start semester
2003-01-12, 8:48 p.m.

so once again school has started and i ofcourse am behind. after a week i cry how is it so. perhaps its because i attended only 2 of my 5 classes.

okay just so i can argue on my own behalf i unitentionally missed the second meeting of english, anthro and the first screenwriting due to my seering burn pain (due to the exploding wax conatiner that causedthe whole incident)

but it is my fault that i intentionally skipped monday and tuesday and havent gotten any of my books. for some reason i think that the impact of the cost of text book purchase will be less if i wait till the very last minute to accuire the needed reading material.

unfortanetly that is not what history has taught me but i am sit here being a dreamer and faithfully adhering to my lastminute policy

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