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look sexy
2001-06-01, 8:15 p.m.

you need to look sexy.

this is what i dealt with early this morning after i discovered what seemed to be myself staring in a music video. not that i can sing, but thats okay i can lip sync and if milli vanilli can conviningly sing without their thick accents that appears in their speaking voice then apparently i can too. not the accent part but sing.

as for the look sexy part it is not that im not sexy but staring into a camera and portraying a sexual attitude that hints at over obssesion is not wat im best at. in fact its what im terrible at concidering the into a camera part

nevertheless i proceeded and discovered that i have an inability to portray a ready to fuck bordering psycopath attitude if their happens to be a straight male in the room.

it also helps to start thinking of a darkly lit room and a skinimax porno scene involving yourself and some one that you may or may not have a mild obsession with. the key here is to think soft core because you want to look turned on not driven mad with passion. it also helps to send the aryan seventh day adventsit out of the room, if there happens to be one, because for some reason hell make you think that the anglo saxon depiction of jesus christ our lord and savior is watching your fantasy.

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