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shitty night of mis matched drugging
2002-05-22, 10:41 a.m.

last night i would have to say was quiet awful.

being hyped up on amphetamine is pretty useless when you have nothing to do.

so my theory went, i am hyped up with nothing to do, how can i entertain myself in the simplest easiest fashion. pot. pot should take the edge off.

did i mention i have been having periodic paranoid hallucinations? well i have. like there are people in my house, or assasins following me. now as a non-paranoid hallucinator it is probably hard to understand the terror that is involved in waking up and truely believing that you are about to die. in fact it might sound exciting.

anyways. so then i relaized that being high wasnt chilling me out at all. infact it was making me more paranoid. so then i decided to drink, because at the time it seemed like a good option.

bad decision. and here i am, still with my paper not getting done

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