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scientologists are silly?
2004-09-10, 3:44 p.m.


i took one of those scientologist personality profiles.

aparently im below critically depressed and seriously irresponisble. im pretty content actually but i am irresponsible at times. so ill give them that

but what made me realize they were really far off is they told me that im GREAT at Communication.

um thats interesting because:

(teacher for college english) sometimes when you talk you seem high or at the very least confused * even so you are saying the smartest thing that has been said all class.

*note i couldnt have been high becuase that class was in the middle of two others

(intership advisor) wait what the fuck are you trying to tell me. has anyone ever told you that it is impossible to try to understand any message you are trying to convey

(antighost one) oh is that what that email was about. i was really confused it was very unclear i couldnt understand what you were talking about

(mydad) me: guess what i got another job today.

him:you got a hmm de what?

indeed great at communication infact they told me that was my character strength hmmm.

i could go on with contrary examples but i dont want to bore you! or embares myself!

maybe if i give them the 500 dollars for the explination they can explain what about my confusion inducing sentences make me so skilled at communication!

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