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its been six hours and no one has called us back!
2005-03-29, 10:34 p.m.

so maybe the wait is over?

a few weeks ago i got a message on my mahcine:

this is ann, we are NOT hiring You. (not said in a snotty mean way)

thanks for the confidence boost ann!

thus began my turbulent search for empolyment full of lies and rejection which im too bored with to detail.

but i have come to what i hope is the end of this crazy ride with another bizzare employer encounter.

i had an interview this morning for a position that acutally pays 12-14 an hour. i did pretty good and i got a call at 3:30. expecting more rejection i was equally confused when i got a stern talking to about the unavaliability of my references. yes in the 6 hours that passed, the potential employer had been unable to get a hold of my references and somehow this became my fault.

of course how silly of me.

but she said they really wanted me so shed try tommorow. to which i responded good luck.

so now i have a job for a little bit. until i can go back out in the wilderness which is forever getting put off.

what the fuck is up with that!

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