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slum lords and prking gestapo
2002-05-02, 2:32 a.m.

this is why i hate ann arbor

first i get a 20 dollar parking ticket when i am away from my car for three minutes. not only that, the nazi writing the ticket felt the need to be mean to me

second my slum lord decided that my apartment was dirty and i wouldnt be getting my deposit back, despite the detoxification that took place. let me think of my list...uh the house i held up by car jacks, i havent had a lease for a year and a half, it took him 6 months to fix the oven, he left some weirdo in my apt alone, my roomate fell down his stairs, the hallway smells like dead bodies sometimes, the shower doesnt work right, i could go on. so yeah i told him hed be giving me my money down to the 50 cents back.

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