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i just wanted some soap!
2004-12-02, 12:38 p.m.

the female mind frequency tuned into attraction broadcasts the following:

oh my god, hes looking at me i should say something omgod i cant believe i just said that, it was so dumb, does he think im dumb. he probably thinks i am dumb AND annoying.... ad infinitum

turn off the radio, right? flipping my dial means geographical seperation- out of sight out of mind.

my new found attraction and the consequential broadcast cant be heard out of range or simply put avoid the party in question at all costs becuase what good is tuning into a commercial for unavaliable goods?

and that brings us to organic soap. because when I had time to kill avoiding the aformentioned girl broadcast, what better way to spend it than rejoicing in the sensual lather of lavender or did i want eucalyptus?

and thus the debate consumed me, to the point where i was talking outloud to myself. so deeply involved in my decision that i didnt really notice that some one also looking at the soaps

that is, until they cleared their throat and leaned intowards me.

and ofcourse the owner of the opinion "go with lavender" was none other than the very soul i had been delibertly avoiding.

(cue broadcast omg i cant believe i really was talking out loud i am such a looser)

who actually as it turns out had come to that very same store for the very same product i held in my hand.

now i really have noticed this with certain crushes i have had over the years. when i feel the same way i feel about masa, i end up with them. which would be cool, except i totally dont want to be with anyone right now. which leads me to believe have all these relationships been my choice, and all these things that happened in realtionships, were they unavoidable. its starting to seem that way to me

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