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2003-11-08, 4:34 p.m.

i know starbucks pisses people off cuz its a giant corporation that is everywair.

but the thing that pisses me off is this new starbucks talk because starbucks actually makes my day worse soemtimes, not just because its a corporate monolith, but personally.

because people come into wair i work and say shit like i d like a tall or id like a machiato.

first off a tall what, then they tell me a tall and point to the small then giggle and go well at starbucks.... a small is tall, but if its the smallest how is it tall, compared to what?

second is starbucks took the word machiato and just decided to make it mean something else. fuck the italians and their definition, this is america and a machiato now means a carmel flavoured lattee. not the plain coffee with a dab of foam that the italians have been refering ot forever.

so after these people come in and use nonsense magical starbucks talk theey have the balls to bith because they dont make sense. well it is that way at starbucks.

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