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straight edge who me ?
2004-09-26, 2:22 p.m.


i accidentally became straight edge.

no seriously. i havent drinken or introduced any drug (legal or illegal) into my system for a very long time now. and not the alcholic "long time" of a day off.

im talking weeks months. not like hours.

and ofcourse as the laws of irony would have it the more time i spend unintoxicated the weirder i get and the weirder i get the more my chill attitude begins to disapate with the constant accusation of me being on drugs.

being sick and all i dont even leave the house not even to go to the grocery store, infact i spend most of the day in bed now. with that in mind what a ridiculous accusation.

who would want to alter their state in bed, its so much easier and cost efficent to lucid dream.

so when i go bonkers theyll point the finger at drugs like they always have until the toxicology report comes back and they realize the grave mistake theyve made of pissing off a sober person

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