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at the beach close to summer
2005-04-05, 1:42 p.m.

a summer at the beach begins... yesterday!

i decided that i really need to learn spanish because this english talk is really cramping my style. so in retaliation i have armed myself with such greats as sing-a-long spanish and learn spanish now! (the easy way)

and while enjoying the cool winds and some fine company i talked peace and forgiveness with a rasta. carribean accents have to be the coolest way to talk english, i mean besides ali g.

he explained to me a bit of rasta culture and i explained a bit of vegan edge which he sorta chuckled about but ultimaly decided it was pretty neat although weary at first.

i think i won him over with the its not really the whole circle of life hunting i object to but the slaughter and steroiding of animals for meat and dairy and leather. if your worst crime is eating amish free range meat then your pretty clean.

im down with the amish come to think of it and next time i get to philly im purchasing a dont fuck with me im amish shirt.

come to think of it im probably a pretty rare breed when it comes to veganism. quite a few vegans i know are all about the animal liberation front and while you know whoo-hah revolution im not sure if they are going about it all the right way. but then again most people arent aware of factory farming, or i love animals i have a dog but i feed it ground up other animals with a bunch of chemicals and i wonder why it has tumors types, arent exactly going to take to kindly to extreme measures.

and actually i dont have a great solution, except maybe for everyone to stop eating factory meat.

drink go ahead and drink! (just hoepfully not steroid milk)

and while ron burgendy loves scotch, scotchy scotchy scotch.

i love sand, the great outdoors, and ofcourse i love lamp.

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