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hot hot pants and the hot taste fest
2003-07-05, 11:01 p.m.

okay so weird shit.

Always its TOMOROW i will dance. well i guess god got sick of my promises because we did a trial by fire. yes, not only did i dance, i danced on stage in a bondage fashion show infront of the detroit tastefestcrowd with strangers snapping pictures and videotaping my dancing debut.

What the fuck? yes exactly what the fuck and how did i get myself into that mess?

so i got to see my old boss, dj top kat, spin at the tastefestival in detroit. at his set there was a noir leather bondage fashion show which you know word.

little did i anticipate that somehow i would end up in the fashion show in hot pants and a small tshirt and forsed to dance

one second im on the street being asked why would you liek to model? next second im standing, then dancing, next to a mermaid looking out on the tastefest.

perhaps the greatest satisfcation from the whole experiense was the fact that on my way around and up the stage i waved to my old boss who after taking the second to recognize me, stood their slacked jawed thinking shit its been what five years.

yes tony i still remember you making me take ever single sticker off of everysingle cd in the store and replace it with a slightly smaller sticker.

nonetheless he is a kick ass dj and i feal as if i shall go suprise him again some day soon.

but not in tiny hot pants

ps. mission accomplished as far as securing d-rock. i gots me some bootay boo woo hoo. unfortunatley he did not witness the hot pants, but his best friend james (did you see me in the fahsion show? ya girl i saw your ass hanging out at the fashion show!) has surely infromed him of the impromptu fly girl act

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