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accidental camera theft
2002-08-10, 11:39 p.m.

my three day bout with "child care" i would say was pretty sucessful.

although he got made when i called it babysitting.

but the weirdest part of my threeday concert event (ozzfest- murderdollls- whitestripes/strokes) was my accidental theft of a strangers camera

as weird as that might sound, this girl in line didnt want to go back to her car, so she asked me to sneak in her camera.

knowing my memory lapses i tried not to agree to take it in but rather sugjested that she follow me in, but no she insisted.

ofcourse i promptly forgot that the camera was in my pocket and ran off.

luckily i bumped into her and managed to return her camera, but still nonetheless embarrassing.

but i got some kick ass photos of the strokes, the white stripes, and detroit

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