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thanksgiving cheer
2004-11-26, 9:29 p.m.

i had an awesome thanksgiving, great ethiopian food, and good company.

it was nice to observe thanks instead of the eve of consumerism. and genocide.

i had some great conversation too. basically right now its like this. theres two types of people. positive and negative, and if they arent elevating then they are the enemy. because time is money. and im not dont want some ball and chain dragging me back.

good words from an awesome intelectual. who i sort of have a secret crush on. its the worst. well no, its great being around someone you like and who is attractive, and intellectual. its not horrible, just uncomfortable.

and so far i ve made it unintentionally and uncomfortably through dinner, thanksgiving dinner, yoga, a sweet kung fu flick. fun fantastic yes uncomfortable becuase i dont really want to be with anyone right now, and i definelty dont want to do unexplainable dumb girl things.

life is akward enough

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