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stupid hard thinking shit
2002-02-10, 12:39 a.m.

its another serious entry. im sick and in a semi delirious state i just had this freakishly realistic sex dream (come on everyone has sex dreams)

which got me thinking again about this concept of self and soulmate and lonlieness

so if your here to be amused youll have to wait for another update

last time we touched on

the concept of humans as an interface and information gathering subroutine

its awful sleeping alone by the way

as far as soulmates go i think there are three guidlines for stimulation. all three criteria need to be met in some fashion

sexual stimulation - obviously they have to turn you and get you off

emotional stimulation- when you feel like shit they listen and somehow make you feel better or at least turn you back to a rational state

intelectual stimulation- now this one is harder to define because ive fit with some stupid people, but it didnt last. they at least have to be willing to listen to ideas and ask questions. even if they dont get what your talking about their interaction can nourish your mind, at least for a little while.

the best part of soulmates is they come in suprise packages. and they come from out of nowhere when your least expecting it.

now the part of self. independence. the point is that i have all this growing and maturity to deal with. and sometimes i tend to go a little irrational and for a lack of better term. nuts. but its all in the pursuit of art.

i guess what im getting at is i eventually always get dumped for being too self-absorbed and too into my pursuit of 'work'.

i think i also have a personality disorder that makes me value interaction with final cut pro over interaction with humanbeings

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