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who cares about salami, the toaster is on fire
2003-12-10, 1:52 p.m.

so we have this vegan at work. and this guy orders a salami sandwhich and im like (as usual) oh we are all out.

but the vegan being the caring individual is liek oh ill slice some from the back. so she comes out with like an inch think hunk of salami.

Im liek dude you can't put that on a sandwhich and shes liek why not its salami. and im liek no no you cant just give someone an inch thick hunk of salami.

why not, it weighs the right amount. and im liek trying to save her from total embaresement till the head dude comes over and is like what the fuck are you doing? what the fuck is that. and im trying to explain shes vegan and shes trying to explain she didnt know and all this time no one is checking the bread.

the bread catches on fire. then the toaster catches on fire.

the good thing about fires though is that they make head dudes forget about salami and concentrate on the more important task at hand, which should not be sticking a metal knife in a toaster to push out flaming bread. but you know, cant win em all.

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