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turn off the radio, turn off that bullshit
2004-11-07, 10:19 p.m.

im trying to sit here and ignore the knowledge that is in my head. im trying to sit here and listen to the reasoning everything is going to end its only relative, so when it comes to the plight of humanity, realize its ending relatively no matter what you do, therefore you just cant let it get you down.

whatever you do dont open a history book

im sitting here trying to cope with the fact that things are not okay, but hoping that everyone else keeps sleeping because i dont think i could handle 28 days later right now.

little knowen fact is im an amazing writer but im not going to do anything with it.

once my english teacher freaked out at me for wasting such talent and i said, dude i write every day, i keep a diary which seemed to keep him in his seat.

i have a novel no one will ever read. i have a script that will never be opened.
the truth is i dont write anymore because i dont see a point.


freedom isnt free thats why im in the dojo not for the video

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