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weekend toy bounty and fun
2003-01-26, 4:32 p.m.

im glad to get out of ann arbor and i should do it more often.

when i go see my friend willis i always come back with the best stuff.

today the list includes: a chewie shirt (the sweet retro iron on kind)

a nightmare before chirstmas bracelet and jewlery box (which plays the nightmare before christmas song when opened)

eddie of iron maiden action figer with iron maiden banner and landscape

weird japanese toys

a cabinet of dr caligari monster and damsel in destres action figer with landscape (thats one of the first horror movies it s expressionistic and silent and ruled)

and last but not least a special edition of a hotwheel i already had but the grave rave version which means it has skulls on it

willis reilly scored though, he found a stone temple pilots hotwheel. there was an incubus one but it dident seem that cool next to the stp one but in retrospect the incubus one was sweet.

perhaps i will put up pictures of my bounty.

not only was the weekend chockful of great toys the plus was i got to sleep on a water bed and chill on a water bed and watch indiana jones.

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