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robots for the tv
2001-10-10, 1:33 a.m.

so the experimental phone folders with special rings totally worked. now i cant get caught off guard with the decision to answer the phone or not.

would it be cool if when your tv screen got dusty that you could buy a jar of robots for ten dollars and pour them on your television screen so when you watch tv their photons will heat up so when you turn off the television they will all go scrub a portion of the screen (because they have absorbed energy to waste from the time the tv was on) and when they are done they would go back to the corners of the tv. this isnt the way it is in the present but it sure is a cost effective use of robotics.

i cant take credit for this idea.

and since i have been forcefully making my body sleep i have come to a conclusion. sleep deprevation is way more productive. since ever second im awake is excruciatling torturous the amount of seconds in my day really doesnt make a difference. each day is as long as the previous to me whether i recieved 2 hours of sleep or 8 ours of sleep. So i guess how i gage if a day is good or not is the ratio of extreemly excruciating to not so bad seconds. i bet that has something to do with calculus.

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